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Moultrie Creek

Moultrie Creek is a beautiful tidal creek that meanders around the countryside south of St. Augustine, Florida, before emptying into the Intracoastal Waterway. Over the last 20-plus years, members of the Barrett family have moved to this area to enjoy its beauty and its peaceful settings. The creek also provides the inspiration for much of the content here.

Although headquartered on Moultrie Creek overlooking the marsh, this blog celebrates the Barrett family who has lived in the St. Augustine area since the mid-1920s with family connections spread across the southeast. The site provides a place to present the history of this family with its many branches as well as share photos and research tips. And, because we love the South, you’ll find photos and stories from many of those places so special to us.

Moultrie Creek provides a gathering place not only for our family, but for those “research cousins” who are looking for help in their search for ancestors. If you’re researching the same family lines I am, please drop me a note or leave a comment on one of the posts. I will be thrilled to share what I know.

Research Focus

Surnames included in our extended family include:

  • Barrett in Florida, Georgia and Mississippi
  • McClellan in Georgia and Alabama
  • Henry in Georgia and Pennsylvania or New Jersey
  • Gervais in South Carolina, Mississippi and Texas
  • Turnbull in South Carolina and Mississippi
  • Levy in Holland, Virginia, Louisiana and Texas
  • O’Keefe in South Carolina
  • Barker in Georgia
  • Blake in Georgia and Alabama
  • Link in Tennessee
  • Deboe in Tennessee
  • Randolph in Tennessee and Virginia

You’ll find a collection of family photos at Flickr and an album (Photo 411) of photos I’d like to learn more about.


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