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Call for Presentations – North Florida Genealogy Conference

The North Florida Genealogy Conference will be held on March 21, 2015 in Orange Park, Florida. This one-day conference offers both presentations and exhibits at a very affordable price.

They have just released a call for presentations. Selected speakers receive a complimentary registration and are reimbursed for their gas costs. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, the SGES blog has the details.

Why a blog?

Thanks to Geneaphile for pointing me to these very interesting articles:

Both are written by the queen of blogging – Lorelle VanFossen – well worth the read.  And, if you’re looking for a good example of a Genealogical Society blog, stop by the California Genealogical Society and Library Blog.

Publishing Update

TechCrunch reports Amazon announced this week that they will only sell print-on-demand books from their BookSurge service.  Prior to this point, anyone who paid to register an ISBN with their publishing project would have access to bookstores like Barnes & Nobles, Borders and even Amazon.

While this will impact the reach of retail publications, I doubt it will affect the specialty markets such as associations.  Amazon’s BookSurge service is more expensive than others with fewer size and binding options so it has limited reach.  Once a “self-publisher” pays to register an ISBN for their publication, it will be listed in Books in Print for all to see.  Yes, there is still significant marketing required to generate sales – no matter who prints the book.

I hope that Amazon will see the downside of this decision and quickly return to the open system that has made them so popular.

UPDATE: The Amazon announcement was more detailed than originally reported.  To paraphrase these details, Amazon wants to be able to print the books sold through Amazon so they have control over delivery.  This does not mean that other POD companies have to print the copies sold at their sites through Amazon.  Amazon has a service – Amazon Prime – where customers pay an annual fee for unlimited shipping on all orders.  Apparently concerns about rising costs on this service was one of the reasons for this announcement.  Several competitors are still skeptical of Amazon’s motives.