The Neptune Grill

Neptune Grill 001

Located on the corner of St. George Street and Cathedral Place, the Neptune Grill sat right across the street from the post office and between the town’s two banks. It was one of Dad’s favorite restaurants and while families didn’t dine out as often as they do now, I do have fond memories of sitting in one of the booths thinking how grown-up we were to be having dinner at the Neptune Grill.


In the days before shopping malls and drive-thru restaurants, this was the business and shopping district of St. Augustine. Today the post office building has been restored as Government House, housing exhibits detailing our city’s rich history. From this point north to the City Gates, St. George Street is now only open to pedestrian traffic and is lined with commercial buildings alongside restored and re-created colonial buildings – all catering to our visitors.

The Bishops Building which housed the Neptune Grill was torn down in the 1960s and is now a parking lot. Recently an application to reconstruct the Bishops Building on this site, with shops on the ground floor and a hotel above, was turned down. The design did not meet the historical standards the city wants to maintain in this area.

So for now it will remain a parking lot.

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