Llambias House

Llambia House courtyard

Llambias House courtyard by the author

Chances are good you’ll never find this house if all you had was this picture to guide you. Like many of the Spanish-style houses in St. Augustine, the Llambias House presents a plain and uninviting presence from the street. It’s not until you step through the garden gate that you will fully appreciate the true beauty of these homes and their gardens.

The Llambias House is located just down St. Francis Street from another gorgeous courtyard garden – the Oldest House Museum. Both are maintained by the St. Augustine Historical Society and both are often the scene for weddings and other functions. The house can be traced to Pedro Fernandez in the First Spanish Period (1565 – 1763) because it is listed in the inventory of homes that Jesse Fish was managing as part of the transition from Spanish to British control of Florida. It was originally a one-story, one-room house but was remodeled during the British period to add a second floor accessible by an outside stairway. It wouldn’t be until the 19th century that the Llambias family would own the house.

This is just one of many architectural treasures to be found here. Park your car and explore the Colonial and Victorian neighborhoods that surround St. Augustine’s downtown. You’ll enjoy discovering the picturesque homes and gardens and find many photo opportunities if you are so inclined. Take David Nolan’s The Houses of St. Augustine with you to get the stories behind the structure.

This is St. Augustine. Everything has a story.

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