Lost St. Augustine: Colley’s ‘Lil Shrimp House

Colleys Restaurant

From a promotional post card. Photo by Beaudoin’s Studio.

All you can eat St. Augustine shrimp . . . Who can resist that? It was always a special treat to eat out at Colley’s when we were kids.

Colley’s is gone, but the building survives. Today Blackfly serves seafood to residents and visitors.

2 thoughts on “Lost St. Augustine: Colley’s ‘Lil Shrimp House

  1. Love your website with the old pictures. I also remember Pappy’s restaurant. They were know for their fried shrimp amd big quart glasses of tea.
    I also saw the one of the Matanzas Theater. I use to go there growing up. I think it cost % cents to get in for kids. Distant drums had a local kid in the movie playing an Indian. I think it was Sidney Capo. Not sure of the first name but is was definately Capo.
    I’m following you on twitter. Thanks!


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