Randolph Caldecott

Randolph Caldecott grave. Photo by author archived at Flickr.

Randolph Caldecott grave. Photo from the author’s collection at Flickr.

Randolph Caldecott (22 March 1846 – 12 February 1886) was a British artist renowned for his illustrations in childrens books. A medal presented each year by the Association for Library Service to Children is named for him. While on tour in the US, he took ill here in St. Augustine where he died. He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery.

The plaque at the foot of his grave contains this inscription:

Friends of Libraries U.S.A.
Library Landmarks Register
Evergreen Cemetery St. Augustine, Florida
The Caldecott Medal, commissioned in 1938, was named
in honor of English illustrator, artist, and sculptor
Randolph Caldecott. It is awarded annually by the
Association for Library Service to Children,
American Library Association, to the artist of the
“most distinguished” American picture book for children
published during the preceeding year. As a tribute to his
life and art, this burial site is designated a
Literary Landmark by Friends of Libraries U.S.A.
Friends of the Library of St. Johns County, Inc.
Randolph Caldecott Society of America
March 20, 2005

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