The Bottle Tree

Yes, I admit it! I am a proud member of G.R.I.T.S. – Girls Raised In The South. Even better, I qualify as a Good ‘Ole Girl. I have enough of the necessary attributes:

  1. I live in a Cracker House . . .
    Front Porch
  2. on a tidal creek . . .
  3. raise flamingos . . .
  4. AND have a bottle tree.
    Bottle Tree 1

I am missing the appliances on the porch, although I do have an old fish box on the back porch that gets filled with ice and beverages when we entertain. Does that count? No vehicles on blocks either – there’s not enough level ground on the property.

Actually we have two bottle trees. The first one filled up so fast that we built another – smaller – one. Our big bottle tree does have an unusual extra – it’s topped with an alien signal receptor. Maybe it’s because we’re so close to the Cape, but these are hot ticket items in the gift shops around here. They’re made from old glass insulators with some wire and glass beads – and sell for about $25 each. I already had a collection of insulators – doesn’t everyone? – so I didn’t spend a dime on mine.

Here’s a look at the bottle trees from late last summer. We didn’t chop back the honeysuckle and wild grape last winter and they’re taking over the back yard. I’m not getting out into that jungle until the spiders, snakes and gators go south for the winter so . . .

Bottle Tree Today

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