Bloomfield’s Illustrated Historical Guide 1882

Having become cognizant of the wants of the tourist, as to receiving information on all principal points of interest in the “Ancient City,” we have endeavored to give as true and faithful an account as can be prepared in a condensed form.

As there are many among our visitors who would like to be informed as to the early history of St. Augustine, without going into the deep detail, which the reading of some of the works involves, we have quoted some very interesting facts from the different writers.

Included in this work we have given a complete guide to the St. John’s, Ocklawaha, Halifax, and Indian Rivers, with distance table to the same, and to principal cities, north, east, and west, reckoning from Jacksonville, Florida.

Particular attention has been given to the accuracy of the appended map, which will prove an invaluable aid to all who wish to visit the different places of St. Augustine.

This guide was contributed to the Internet Archive by The Library of Congress. Copies of the guide can be downloaded in PDF, ePub, Kindle and a number of other digital formats. Click on the title in the reader pane above to go to the book’s page at Internet Archive.

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