St. Augustine Post Office 1906

Post Office 1906

St. Augustine Post Office c. 1906 photographed by the Detroit Publishing Co.

The Post Office was originally the Government House. A government building has been at this location since 1598. It housed the colonial governors and served as the administrative center for Spanish, British and American governments. Once Florida became an American territory and later a state, it was used as a courthouse, customs house and post office. Although those other uses diminished over time, it remained a post office until 1965. There were structural changes along with the administrative ones. A new wing was added at about the point where the two women are in the photograph along with a courtyard. Today it serves as a museum and visitor information center.

This photo was taken from the west plaza looking east. Today, the fountain remains along with the William Wing Loring monument which is located at about the point where the camera was positioned for this photograph.

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