The Joys of Blogging

Today I celebrate another year of blogging. The blog world has changed a lot in the last 11 years but the joy of blogging still remains. I was inspired to start blogging by an Army nurse who was serving in a field hospital in Iraq. She emailed stories home and someone (her brother, I think) posted them on a blog. Her stories provided her personal view of the war. Through her blog I found others (remember blogrolls?). I could see the war from their perspective. And, through the comments section we could let them know that we knew and appreciated what they were doing.

I started blogging in October 2003. My first blog was a sort of tech support site for family and friends. It wasn’t long before I found I was writing more articles about researching family history and the tech tools that could support it. In those days the comment section was a mini community center. It was also how many of the early geneabloggers got acquainted. Through those comments I met some amazing people. I call many of them friends even though we have never seen each other face-to-face. Many of us met thanks to Jasia at Creative Gene and her Carnival of Genealogy. She inspired us to write with delicious topics. My favorites were the annual swimsuit and cars editions. Terry Thornton of Hill Country of Monroe County┬áis no longer with us but in the early days he was always posting encouraging comments. Through them and others we became a community. I have enjoyed watching that community grow and prosper.

Like most of us, I’ve made some amazing connections. I’ve met a number of cousins – many willing to share their stories along with their research. Thanks to blogs, I have personal relationships with experts in all areas of genealogical research who are always ready with a helping hand. And I can walk into a genealogy conference just about anywhere and be surrounded by old friends – even if I’m seeing them for the first time.

My blogging keeps evolving. Today my “tech” blog – The Society Journal – is focused on helping small societies take advantage of blogs and other tech tools. Moultrie Creek now includes local history along with the family history. In two months, my home town starts celebrating its 450th anniversary as our nation’s oldest city. Although my family has only lived here for 90 of those years, we have connections to this area going back to colonial days. There are plenty of stories yet to tell . . .

Thank you all for sharing your love of genealogy, your stories and your friendship. I am honored to be a part of this amazing community.