Heart and Soul of Florida: Sacred Sites and Historic Architecture

Heart and Soul of Florida coverHeart and Soul of Florida, written by Elsbeth Gordon, looks at Florida’s “structures” and puts them into their historical context. It’s a look at Florida’s history through its buildings. These range from the pre-European Mount Royal to current religious and civic buildings – all beautifully represented in a number of photographs and illustrations. From the book’s description:

Gordon inspires the general and professional public to see Florida’s built environment as a rich continuum of history and identity that shaped and continues to impact Florida’s culture—from the mundane to the transcendent. These humanizing places, many of which endure permanently in the landscape, represent an “architecture of the soul.”

Elsbeth Gordon is a research associate at the Historic St. Augustine Research Institute and serves on the board of directors for the St. Augustine Archaeological Association. She is also the author of Florida’s Colonial Architectural Heritage.

The Houses of St. Augustine

St. Augustine’s 400+ years have provided us with a wealth of interesting architecture. Public buildings like Flagler Memorial Church, the historic hotels and the Castillo are the most obvious examples, but a stroll through any of the neighborhoods in and around the downtown area is a delightful way to enjoy the true beauty of our town. And, if you take David Nolan’s The Houses of St. Augustine with you, you’ll know what to look for and why it’s so special. Nolan’s commentary, combined with Ken Barrett’s photography and Jean Fitzpatrick’s paintings, celebrate our town’s many eras of architecture along with some surprising features to make them truly unique.