Before Conch Island?

My mother’s two sisters moved to St. Augustine during World War II. After the war my mother, a war widow, and my older sister also moved here. All of themĀ lived in a small house on Palmetto Avenue (it runs behind Gypsy Cab). I remember my Aunt Lin complaining about living in that “beach house” because the sand got into everything. I thought she was crazy thinking Salt Run was the beach. It was many years later before I learned that Conch Island didn’t always exist across from the lighthouse.

Now I wonder if some of the old photos I’ve inherited are actually pictures of that beach. If anyone is familiar with the Ocean Way, Palmetto Avenue, Magnolia Drive neighborhood just north of the lighthouse and remembers this period, do you recognize any of these photos as that beach?

old beach photos

Is this “the beach” before the jetties were built?

Playing at the beach

Playing at the beach

If you have memoriesĀ about this area, please share them in the comments. I would love to learn more about this beach neighborhood.