Marine Studios 1949

Marine Studios buildings

Marine Studios 1949. Photo courtesy of the Florida Photographic Collection

Marine Studios, later known as Marineland of Florida, opened in 1938 and was billed as the world’s first “oceanarium”. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean at the south end of St. Johns County. The road you see here is part of scenic A1A. The circular structure on the right was the dolphin tank. You could watch the dolphins from the top or from two levels of portholes surrounding the sides of the tank. You can see one through the door on the bottom right. To the left of the mast is the rectangular tank that showcased an assortment of sea creatures ranging from sharks to sea turtles to grouper.

Images of MarinelandThese buildings are gone now. A modern facility offering dolphin adventures has taken its place. The facility was recently purchased by the Georgia Aquarium.

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Marineland 1949

Marineland 1949 from the Florida Department of Commerce Collection at Florida Memory.

The gift shop is shown on the right and the small building on the left was a snack bar. The large structure was the circular tank where the dolphins were kept and behind it was the rectangular tank that held most of the other sea life on display. Today, the circular and rectangular tanks are gone.